Deconstructing America:

Why Donald Trump’s Presidency Would Be Good For America

Let me begin by saying that I will not – ever – vote for Donald Trump.  He is a thin-skinned, psychopathic, megalomaniacal ignoramus, and he will likely be the worst president in U.S. history.  His running mate, Mike Pence, is an educated, politically experienced theocratic horror show that will set back women’s rights at least 50 years.  I do not look forward to a Trump/Pence win in November.  Just so we are clear, I do NOT want Donald Trump to be president.

But what is our alternative?  Hillary Clinton.  She is arguably less hideously appalling than Trump.  Her running mate, Tim Kaine, is arguably less shockingly terrible than Mike Pence.  But just so we are still clear, I am not – ever – voting for these two candidates either.

So what gives?  What are you going on about if Trump’s bad, and Hillary’s bad, but Trump is good for America?  Well, unfortunately, I believe the next four years will be either openly disastrous for the next four years, or quietly disastrous for the foreseeable future.  If Trump wins, the next four years will be a living nightmare.  Civil liberties will be threatened, gender equality will sink to a new low, essential government programs will be shut down, and our environment will be severely punished.  Corporate welfare will increase, while corporate regulation will vanish.  The banks will probably fail, and the economy will crash – again.  If Hillary wins, not much will change.  We will continue quietly bombing brown people around the world, murdering innocent civilians by the tens of thousands – far from the eyes of most Americans.  The economy will continue to trudge along, with working class people continuing to struggle just to make a living, while the rich will continue their struggle to own all the nation’s wealth.  And those same rich owners-of-everything will continue to buy elections and make their own rules.  So, business as usual.

So why would flirting with the end of civilization be better than business as usual?  Again, we have to decide – do we want to avert temporary disaster right now, or would we rather salvage our democracy for the long run.  For me, the answer is, albeit apprehensively, to save the United States of America from the inevitable march toward plutocracy.  And that means we cannot afford Hillary Clinton.  Trump will cause immeasurable damage to our nation and probably a large part of the free world, but everything he does can and will be reversed and repaired.  Hillary Clinton will barely make waves, nothing new will happen, it will be a fairly boring 4 years.  But this will have the inevitable effect of calming everyone down, taking advantage of the historically short attention span of Americans, and causing everyone to forget about all the corruption and corporate influence we have uncovered this election season.  And that will be bad for many years to come.  How do you cull a revolution?  Placate the masses and carefully, gingerly continue screwing them while they aren’t looking.  That is the promise of a Clinton presidency.

PT-TrumpSo, back to The Donald.  I refuse to buy into the varied and multitudinous conspiracy theories bouncing around on social media about Trump being a plant – an intentionally unviable candidate encouraged to run simply to force the people to elect Clinton – you know, kind of a nationwide game of good cop bad cop.  But I gotta tell you, they couldn’t have done a better job selecting Trump if they had planned it.  He is a caricature of himself, and of every narcissistic, sociopathic, perpetually inappropriate buffoon that ever marshaled a Klan rally.  The things he says sound impossible to be coming from any American, let alone the presidential nominee of a major political party.  Even many prominent Republicans are appalled at the rise of Trump.

But what is almost equally difficult to comprehend is that he is embraced by such a large percentage of our population.  Hillary Clinton should be walking the bases in this election, but she is in real danger of losing to this idiot.  And it’s no secret why – Clinton is deeply hated by a majority of Americans.  She is the most unfavorable Democratic nominee in modern history, with more than 60% of the country believing her to be untrustworthy.  She has taken massive campaign contributions from deep-pocketed Wall Street companies, and she represents the corrupt, corporatist establishment that has invaded Washington on both sides of the political spectrum.  Nothing made this more clear than when she selected Tim Kaine as her running mate.  At one time she courted Elizabeth Warren – arguably a true progressive – as her potential Vice President, but Wall Street executives sent a chilling message warning Clinton to pick someone besides Warren, and she did – she selected the one Democrat (in name only) with perhaps even deeper ties to Wall Street than Hillary herself.  The real question is why the Democratic party fought (cheated) so hard to make her the nominee.  She is clearly not what the people want, but now she is being touted as the “lesser of two evils” in an effort to force reasonable people to vote for her if for no other reason than to defeat Donald Trump.

But here’s the thing.  I agree that she is the lesser evil between herself and Trump.  She will probably not openly and outwardly damage our nation nearly as much as Trump would.  But this should not be a valid reason to vote for someone that you do not believe represents the interests of the American people.  She doesn’t even represent the interests of a majority of the Democratic Party.  She was selected by the Democratic National Committee through obvious collusion, and perhaps even voter fraud during the primaries.  Clinton did ostensibly adopt some of the more progressive policies endorsed by her primary rival, Bernie Sanders, but no one actually believes she was being sincere.  To be honest, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is capable of sincerity.  I believe she is just as narcissistic and psychopathic as Trump, albeit in a much more polished, calculated way.  Indeed, it is her cool, calculated and politically experienced palaver and skills of manipulation that make her more dangerous than Trump in the long run.

There are smart people that honestly believe that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination.  These same people think that the DNC was deliberately working with the Clinton campaign to undermine her rivals, and stack the deck in her favor, and there is a plethora of evidence to support this theory.  She is unlikable, untrustworthy, and patently corrupt.  But my fellow liberals – even those that agree with all those adjectives – insist that we must hold our noses and vote for her because . . . Trump.  But what they don’t understand is that that is exactly what the establishment wants us to do.  And if we do, we will be sending a clear message that we surrender to the will of a handful of party elites and their corporate donors.  We will abdicate our voting conscience to Wall Street, and the greedy, corrupt establishment that continues enabling their underhanded takeover of America.

Trump may actually be just what this country needs.  He is so godawful that he will certainly shake up the Democrats – at least those with a conscience.  His kamikaze piloting of this nation may be enough to flip the Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.  When an obnoxious, anti-intellectual clown defeats the polished and primed marquee candidate Hillary Clinton, the DNC may actually decide to shift its own platform – and its preferred candidates – to be more in line with the will of its members.  4447520-4x3-940x705When the reasonable people of America see what horrors will undoubtedly be unleashed by a Trump presidency, they may all demand that we change the way we conduct business in Washington.  The cat is out of the bag.  Our political system is broken.  My liberal friends will cry that Hillary wants to fix it with slow and incremental change, but I absolutely don’t believe that is true.  Hillary Clinton wants to keep our political system exactly like it is.  She represents the status quo, which is killing America.  Even if I did believe that Clinton wanted to institute gradual change, I don’t think that would do anything consequential.  I used to wonder why someone would buy an old building, demolish it, and then build an almost identical one in the same spot.  The answer is that sometimes a structure is so damaged, that you have to tear it down and start from scratch.  Our democracy is damaged and dilapidated, and it too may need to be razed to the foundation, and built back up afresh.  As scary as it sounds, I think Donald Trump is just the guy to do it.

As always, I remain Your Lawscholar

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